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Can candidates with a disability request for an accommodation?

Yes they can! This article details the process your candidates will follow to apply.

We understand that everybody has different circumstances. Maybe your candidate has a concentration or memory disability that will affect their ability to complete their assessment. Or perhaps English simply isn't their first language? In a timed assessment, like what we offer, these things could put them at a disadvantage. Here at TestGorilla, we want candidates to be judged on equal footing. Everyone deserves their chance to shine!

To help with this, we give candidates the ability to apply for accommodations to complete their assessments. Every application is treated individually and based on the information provided by them, a concession is given, depending on their circumstances. This feature is available on all plans, and users with the Owner, Admin, or Recruiter role can enable or disable it.

Note: Any allowance granted by us will only affect tests from our test library or My company tests that have been created by you.

It does not apply to custom questions in your assessment, nor does it affect any deadlines you may have set for the completion of your assessment.


What is covered in this article:

  1. How can I enable or disable this feature?
  2. How does the candidate apply?
  3. What happens next?
  4. What do I need to do?
  5. Why does TestGorilla offer this?
  6. Common questions

1. How can I enable or disable this feature?

This feature is comprised of 2 parts; accommodation for non-fluent English speakers, and accommodation for candidates with conditions that affect their concentration or memory capacity. By default, both parts of this feature are enabled on all assessments.

Warning: Disabling the accommodation for candidates with conditions that affect their concentration or memory capacity may be a violation of employment laws and regulations in your area. We highly recommend leaving this feature enabled, or seeking legal advice before disabling it.

Please see part 5 of this guide for further details regarding this.


You can change the setting during the assessment creation process:

1-1     Navigate to Step 4: Review & configure and scroll to the bottom of the page.

2     Under Advanced options, click on Accommodation for candidates to expand the option.

3     Check or uncheck the box for the part of the feature you wish to enable or disable. Disabling the 2nd box will produce the popup message below. Select your desired option to continue.


4     Return to the top of the page and select Finish to save your changes.


To change this setting for an existing assessment, click the Edit assessment button editassessment and use the above guide.

Note: You cannot edit an assessment if you have already invited candidates to take it.


2. How does the candidate apply?

After accessing the assessment environment and entering their details, candidates are presented with the Assessment setup screen before starting their assessment. The candidate will answer 2 questions, depending on the options you have enabled, before continuing:

Candidates should select whichever answers are relevant to them and provide information related to any possible disability in the provided text box. We do not require any supporting medical documentation; a simple description of the condition and how it affects them is enough!

Tip: Candidates who do not need an allowance will answer Yes then No and press Continue to proceed to their assessment.

If you have disabled this feature, candidates won't see this screen.


The check box at the bottom permits us to notify the prospective employer (you) that they have requested an accommodation. This is entirely optional, as the candidate has no obligation to provide such information. 

Note: Any information provided by the candidate will be treated in the strictest confidence. We will not share any information they have provided under any circumstances. It is used solely to judge how much of an allowance they may need.

If the candidate chooses us to notify you, we will only inform you that they have requested an accommodation.


After they have completed their submission, the candidate will be presented with the following message:

While waiting for the decision, they will not be able to start their assessment.


3. What happens next?

We will review each candidate's case and decide on whether to grant them additional time. These decisions are on a case-by-case basis, so it can take up to twelve business hours before they receive a response.

Once the request is reviewed, they will receive an email from us with the outcome of their accommodation request and details of any accommodation that has been granted. They will then be able to begin the assessment.


4. What do I need to do?

You don't have to do anything. We handle the application process for 2 reasons:

  • We aim to reduce bias in the hiring process. By handling all of this ourselves, we can ensure that there is nothing that may cause any unconscious bias in your decision-making.
  • We don't want to give you extra work to do!



5. Why does TestGorilla offer this?

As assessment providers, we need to ensure that the tests and tools we provide to customers fall within the guidelines set by agencies such as the EEOC and ADA. This allows you to use our product without the issue of staying within those guidelines.

According to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Americans with Disabilities Act makes it unlawful to:
  • Use employment tests that screen out or tend to screen out an individual with a disability or a class of individuals with disabilities
  • Fail to select and administer employment tests in the most effective manner to ensure that test results accurately reflect the skills, aptitude, or whatever other factors that such test purports to measure, rather than reflecting an applicant’s or employee’s impairment.
  • Fail to make reasonable accommodations, including in the administration of tests, to the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified individual with a disability who is an applicant or employee,
This effectively means that if our tests do not provide these accommodations (by asking candidates the relevant questions) then our product cannot be used as a testing instrument by our customers.

Common questions

Why can't I change this setting for assessments already in use?

This is in the interests of fairness for your candidates who have already taken the assessment. As they were not given the option to receive additional time, they could be put at a disadvantage when compared to those who were.

How can I find out if a candidate applied for additional time?

You will only be able to see this information if the candidate has given permission for us to share it, as the candidate has no legal obligation to share information related to their condition.

If they do choose to share it, you can view this on the left side of the Candidate report, as shown below. This will detail which accommodation(s) they applied for and the time allowed. We do not display any details of the candidate's condition.