Can I download results of an assessment?

You can download the results of an assessment as a CSV, XLSX, or PDF file.

First, click on "My assessments" to see an overview of all your assessments. Then, click the name of the assessment you'd like the results for.

On the assessment page, click the download button to open a CSV, Excel, or PDF file with all the results.



The CSV and Excel downloads provide the following columns of information:

Column header What does this mean?
First name First name of the candidate
Last name Last/Surname of the candidate
Email Email address used by the candidate to take the assessment

How the candidate accessed the assessment. This could be:

  • Invitation by email
  • Name given to a public link. If you only have one public link, the name will be "Main"

The options for status are:

  • Invited
  • Started (but not yet completed)
  • Completed
  • Disqualified

The options for stage are:

  • Not yet evaluated
  • Evaluated
  • Invited for interview
  • Interviewed
  • Invited for take-home test
  • Take home test completed
  • Offer sent
  • Hired
  • Rejected
Scoring benchmark The name of the scoring benchmark you've chosen. This is a feature that allows you to see how your candidates did relative to other candidates in our platform. You can read more about this here.
Average score This is the mathematical mean of all of the tests in this assessment for the individual candidate for the chosen scoring benchmark. So if your assessment included 5 tests, and your candidate scored 30%, 70%, 80%, 70%, 65%, and 90%, their average would be 75% because (70+80+70+65+90) ÷ 5 = 75
Test scores

There will be up to five columns of information. Each column title will be the title of one of your chosen tests. The information in the cell for each respective candidate will be the score for that test, as it relates to the chosen scoring benchmark.

Ex: If you've chosen the Customer Service test with a Customer Support benchmark, a 50 in this column will indicate that the candidate is in the 50th percentile respective to other candidates. If you've chosen the "% correct" benchmark, a 50 would indicate the candidate got 50% of the answers correct.

Anti-cheating monitor results:

There are four seperate columns here, all will contain Yes/No values. They are

  • Filled out only once from IP address?
  • Webcam enabled?
  • Full-screen mode always active?
  • Mouse always in assessment window?
Your rating

This corresponds to the 5 star rating system found in the TestGorilla platform. The possible values are

  • Blank (unrated)
  • Whole number values of 1 through 5
Notes about the candidate

Any notes that you've left about the overall assessment of the candidate. This does not include the notes for each custom question

Custom Questions

The will be one column for each custom question that was asked. The cells will contain the answers given


The PDF file will contain an overview of candidate results, along with details about the assessment, including:

The overall number of candidates invited to the assessment and their progress status (completed, started, invited, disqualified)
  • The tests and custom questions included in the assessment
  • Two graphs on candidate performance
    • Overall performance
    • Performance by test
A list of candidates with their name, the date they were invited on, their average score, and your rating (In other words, the same info you see on the main assessment screen)