Can I filter out candidates that don't meet minimum requirements?

Yes, you can ask up to 5 questions to determine if your candidates are eligible to take your assessment. We call these Qualifying Questions.

Some candidates may do well on your tests without satisfying your other job requirements. For example, your job may require an industry-standard certification, a driver's license, full-time availability, or relocation to the region where your office is located.

With our qualifying questions feature, you can check if your candidates satisfy these requirements before they take the assessment. This has 3 key benefits:

  • You are not being charged for candidates that don't pass the qualifying questions
  • You are not wasting the time of candidates who don't qualify
  • Your candidate results are "clean,” meaning only eligible candidates will have test scores

Using qualifying questions is especially helpful if you use a public link to the assessment in your job post. Since you’ll be verifying beforehand if candidates are eligible (and you're only paying for qualified candidates), you can open up the assessment to a larger audience.


You can set up your assessment with qualifying questions in Step 4 of the assessment creation process. It is one of the Advanced options:


You can create a maximum of 5 qualifying questions. You’ll choose the answer options and what the correct answer is for each question.

Note that if you use this feature, all of your questions must be answered correctly by a candidate in order for them to start the assessment.

In your assessment overview, disqualified candidates are indicated in red, as in the example below:

Similarly, in the candidate overview of your assessment, disqualified candidates get a  label: