Can I take an assessment if I don't have a camera and microphone connected to my computer?

You'll still be able to take an assessment without a camera or microphone. However, we highly recommend having both connected before you start.

Your camera is an important part of a TestGorilla assessment. We highly recommend enabling it when you start.

You can still start an assessment without a camera and microphone. However, this results in two big downsides:

  1. Video questions: companies can add a custom question to the assessment where they ask you to record a video response. If your camera isn't connected, you won't be able to complete this type of question.
  2. Cheating prevention: to make online testing more reliable and fair for all users, we'll take a snapshot of you every 30 seconds during the assessment. This applies to anyone who takes an assessment. If your camera is not connected, the company you're applying for will not be able to use this cheating prevention method. This can leave you at a disadvantage compared to other candidates.

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