Can I take a break during the assessment?

Yes, you can take breaks in between tests.

TestGorilla assessments are made up of different test blocks. Each test block represents a test from our test library or a set of custom questions created by the company themselves. Once you start a test, it must be completed within the time limit.

When you've finished a test, you can take a break. There is no time limit for this break period—you can come back to the assessment and continue with the next test whenever you're ready.

Want to know how long an assessment takes? We give you a good idea in this article.

During a break period, you can exit the assessment completely and continue at a later time. When you exit the assessment between tests, we automatically save your progress. When you return to the assessment using your personal link, you'll be able to continue where you left off.

We explain how to find your personal link to an assessment here.

Note that you should not leave the assessment during a test. If you do, the timer will continue and you'll lose points on any unanswered questions for that test.