Creating an account

So you'd like to join the thousands of other companies in using our service? Great! Here's how.

Your TestGorilla journey begins with signing up for an account. This article will take you through this simple process step-by-step. Once your account is set up and verified, you can begin creating assessments to deliver to your applicants. This article is relevant for new TestGorilla users.

Approx. reading time 3 minutes

In this article

  1. How to create an account
    1. Verify email and set password
  2. Next steps
  3. Common questions

How to create an account

You can begin creating your account from a number of places across our website:

  1. Click the green Try it free! Button. This is found in the top-right corner of all TestGorilla pages.
  2. From the pricing page:
    1. Click Sign up free under the Free plan.
    2. Click Buy now under any of the paid plans.

      Clicking any of the links will take you to the registration page.

      Clicking Try it free! or Sign up free will create an account on our Free plan. Clicking Buy now will skip the Free plan option and take you straight to one of our paid plans.

      Tip: The Free plan is a great way to test our platform first before committing to buy. You can talk to our sales team if you have any questions before purchasing, or register for a demo by clicking the button in the top-right corner of any page.


      From the first page of the registration screen:

      blue-1 Enter your work email address, read and accept the Terms of Use and click Next. You can also opt in/out of emails from TestGorilla.
      blue-2 Enter the required information in the text boxes and click Next. If you aren’t using an ATS, select None from the dropdown menu.

      Free plans will be directed to the TestGorilla app. Proceed to Verify email and set password to continue.
      Paid plans will continue through the full payment process. For help with this, please see our subscription guide.

          Your account is now set up on your selected plan, but you'll need to Verify your email and password to be able to use it fully.

          Verify email and set password

          Within a few minutes of completing your signup, you will receive a verification email from TestGorilla. Follow the link included in the email to set your password and finalize setting up your account.

          Note: While you will be directed to the TestGorilla app after completing the initial registration, you will not be able to log in again unless you complete the verification.

          Next steps

          Congratulations! You have set up your account with us. To help you get the ball rolling, we have a few guides that we recommend you take a look at:

                Free plan users may find these articles handy:

                  Common questions while making an account

                  Using a personal email address

                  Because TestGorilla is a tool intended for use by business professionals, we only allow you to sign up for an account if you have an email address associated with a business.

                  In other words, you need an email address that belongs to a custom, personalized domain. An email address on a domain that provides personal email services like Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, etc. will not work.

                  If your business does not have a personalized domain, you can still register by contacting us.


                  Using an education-based email (.edu and .ac domains)

                  We have blocked education-based email domains to prevent students from signing up to our service to use it as a study aid.

                  If you are employed by an educational institution, you can still register by contacting us.


                  I'm a candidate and need to make an account.

                  Candidates do not need to create an account in our system. The prospective employer should have invited you to take the assessment via an email that comes from

                  By clicking the link or button found in the invitation, you should be taken to a screen where you will begin your assessment. If you are taken to a login page, please go back to the email invitation and copy & paste the link from the invitation into your browser.

                  We do not currently offer the ability for job seekers to find employers through our site. If you were not specifically invited to take an assessment by a prospective employer, then you are not in the right place!


                  I didn't receive my verification email.

                  First, check your spam folder. If it is there, please mark it as Not spam to help ensure you receive other updates from us. 

                  If it isn't there, we recommend contacting your network administrator. They may need to whitelist the TestGorilla domain for you to receive our emails.