Greenhouse integration

How to use your TestGorilla assessments within the Greenhouse ATS

You can connect TestGorilla to your Greenhouse account, allowing you to invite candidates to an assessment and see the summarized results inside Greenhouse. This article explains how that works. The Greenhouse integration is available on the Scale and Business plans and can be enabled by users with Owner or Admin access. 

Please check with Greenhouse regarding the plan and access level needed on their side to make this work.

Approx. reading time 3 minutes

In this article

  1. Set up the integration
    1. Connect the integration
    2. Configure the integration
  2. Use the integration
    1. Invite candidates
    2. Status update tags
    3. Review results
  3. Disable the integration
  4. Common questions

Set up the integration

The integration between Greenhouse and TestGorilla is turned on from inside of your TestGorilla account.

Connect the integration

You must be a TestGorilla Admin or Owner to be able to complete this step.

Greenhouse requires you to contact them directly to activate the integration on their end. You can raise a ticket with their support team by following this link

Greenhouse will contact you with a secure way to share your TestGorilla API key.

Note: Don’t share your API key with Greenhouse while raising your ticket. They will provide a way to securely share it with them.

Once Greenhouse has gotten in touch, you can find your API key using the following steps within the TestGorilla app:

1-1 Click your name in the top right corner of the browser and select the Integrations option from the drop-down menu.

Click the Enable button on the Greenhouse integration.


Click Copy API key to save it to your clipboard.

Greenhouse will complete further steps on their side to activate the integration. Once it is set up, you can proceed to configuring it.


Configure the integration

You’ll need to check with Greenhouse to ensure you have the right plan and access level to be able to continue with this step.

After your integration has been activated, you can add TestGorilla to your interview plan. From within your Greenhouse account:

1-1 Select All Jobs from the top toolbar.

Select the relevant Job Name.


Click the Job Setup tab.


Select Interview Plan from the left toolbar.


Click +Add a Stage


Choose TestGorilla from the list, and click Add.


Use the integration

After you connect and configure the integration, you can proceed to invite your candidates and review their results within the Greenhouse platform. You'll need to create a new assessment to do this — assessments made prior to turning on the integration will not work.

Create an assessment

Create a new assessment in TestGorilla. When you’re ready to invite candidates, you’ll be asked if you’d like to invite candidates through Greenhouse or TestGorilla. Choose Greenhouse so that you’ll have the option to use this assessment from inside of Greenhouse.

        Select assessment

        You will need to add a TestGorilla assessment to your Interview Plan before you are able to invite candidates:

        blue-1 Within Greenhouse, navigate to the Interview Plan of your job using steps 1-4 listed above.
        blue-2 On the TestGorilla stage, click Edit.

        Select the required TestGorilla assessment from the Test name dropdown menu.


        Assign at least one Greenhouse user to review the assessment results.

        blue-5 Click Save to finish.

        Invite candidates

        Applicants will be invited to an assessment through TestGorilla by clicking a few buttons inside of Greenhouse. In order to ensure that your candidate receives an email invitation to complete the appropriate assessment, follow the below steps:

        blue-1 From your candidate’s Greenhouse record, select Stages from the left toolbar.

        Click Move Stage to move to the TestGorilla stage.


        Click Send Test.

        blue-4 In the popup box, confirm the candidate’s email address and assign a grader.

        Click Send Test to send the invitation.




        Review results

        The candidate results will be shared in the Greenhouse in the TestGorilla hiring stage, once the assessment has been completed. This synchronization happens every 30 minutes.

        Included is:

        • A link to their candidate page in TestGorilla
        • An overall summary of their results (score out of 100)
        • A score for each test in the assessment (score out of 100)
        • Anti-cheating flags, listed as Yes/No

        To view the full results, click View Report to open the candidate results page inside of TestGorilla.



        Disable the integration

        If you decide to switch ATS platforms or for some other reason no longer want to use the integration with Greenhouse, you can disable the integration.

        blue-1 In TestGorilla, click your name in the top right corner of the browser and select the Integrations option from the drop-down menu.

        Click the Disable button on the Greenhouse integration.

        3 Hit the Disable button on the popup that appears asking you to confirm your choice.


        Common questions

        Why aren’t my TestGorilla assessments appearing in Greenhouse?
        ATS integrations will only recognize assessments created after the integration was enabled. Greenhouse will only recognize assessments that you’ve specifically indicated you would like to use within Greenhouse. You will need to create a new assessment to send via Greenhouse.

        Why doesn’t the Integrations tab appear in my user menu?
        Because integrations can only be enabled or disabled by the Account owner or an Admin, the tab is only available to those users.