Getting started: the basics

No clue where to begin? No problem! This guide covers the fundamentals of TestGorilla.

    Applies to: All plans; All roles

    Welcome to TestGorilla! In this guide you will learn:

    1. What is TestGorilla?
    2. Tests and assessments: what's the difference?
    3. How to use TestGorilla (step-by-step)


    What is TestGorilla?

    TestGorilla is an online service that helps you hire the best people through an incredibly easy process.

    Our service allows you to develop personalized assessments for your job candidates. These assessments consist of validated tests from our test library and custom questions you can create yourself. Assessments are then used to test candidates in your recruitment process.

    After testing, you can analyze the results through our intuitive and detailed reports. All of this lets you accurately predict real-world job performance for your candidates.

    In other words, we give you the best tools to test your candidates. Then, we handle the data crunching for you.



    Tests and assessments: what's the difference?

    In sum, an assessment is the combination of tests and custom questions you use to evaluate your candidates. Think of tests as the individual chips in a bag, while the assessment is that bag that holds them. 


    Note: You can read more details about the differences between tests and assessments here.



    How to use TestGorilla (step-by-step)

    Below you'll find the general method of using TestGorilla in your recruitment process.

    1. Build an assessment: Each testing cycle begins with you creating an assessment. First, choose one or more tests from our test library. You can also add your own custom questions to the assessment.
    2. Review assessment: Carefully review your completed assessment to make sure you have all the desired tests for your candidates. Double-check for any errors in your custom questions. Consider the overall length of your assessment package to ensure a great experience for you candidates.
    3. Invite candidates: There are multiple ways to bring candidates to your assessment. You can invite candidates directly from within our system by sending them an automated email. You can also copy a direct link that you can use in your own emails or posts on job profiles.
    4. Receive results: After you've invited your candidates to your assessment, allow time for them to complete it. Once a candidate completes his or her assessment, you can immediately see the results on your candidates page in your TestGorilla account.
    5. Analyze results: The assessment detail page allows you to review the results of all candidates. Candidates are automatically sorted from the highest to lowest average assessment score. You can also sort candidates by name, latest activity or custom question score. Clicking on a candidate's name allows you to see more detailed results. This also allows you to watch a candidate's personalized video response (if you included a video question) and review and rate the candidate's answers to custom questions.
    6. Archive assessment: Once you've hired one or more candidates, we recommend that you archive the assessment. This allows you to easily duplicate an assessment to be used again later. Archiving also helps us improve the accuracy of our software.

    Tip: Want to learn more? Our product walk-through highlights the most important things in your TestGorilla account. Start the product walk-through here.





    If you still need help, you can always reach out to the support team. We're happy to answer your questions.