How can I add my own questions?

You can add custom questions to your assessment in the third step of the assessment creation process.

You can start adding custom questions in two ways.

1) New assessment: create a new assessment by clicking the "Create new assessment" button in the upper right part of your screen. You'll be able to add your custom questions in step 3 of the process (see this article for a detailed guide on how to create an assessment).

2) Edit existing assessment: on the "My assessments" page, click the edit button next to the assessment you'd like to edit (read here to learn how to edit an assessment). Click on step 3 of the assessment creation timeline ("Add questions") so you can add or edit your custom questions.

In either case, you'll see this screen at the "Add questions" step:

Click the "New question" button to start creating a new custom question from scratch.

If you've already made custom questions in a previous assessment, you can reuse them by clicking the "Copy custom questions from another assessment" button.

If you already made custom questions before you can reuse them by copying them from another assessment and simply adding this to this assessment. 

Questions types

Need help deciding on which question types to use in your assessment? Have a look at this article for in-depth explanations and tips.

There are 5 different types of custom questions to choose from: multiple-choice, video, file upload, code and essay. Select a type to go to the question editor.

Below, we've included an example of what the editor looks like for a multiple-choice question.

Need help using the question editor? Click here for an easy-to-follow guide.

custom questions 3

When you’ve finished creating your question, it'll be visible in the custom questions overview (as seen in the third step of the assessment creation process). Here you can arrange the order in which candidates will see your questions. You can also view the details of a question or edit it by clicking the edit button.