How can I add my own questions?

You can add custom questions to your assessment in the third step of the assessment creation process.

Applies to: Free, Pay as you go, Scale, Business plans; Owner, Admin, Recruiter roles


This article reviews how you can:

  1. Navigate to the custom questions section
  2. Add questions
  3. Create new questions
  4. Reorder questions

Note: The types of questions you can use and the number of custom questions you can have varies depending on the plan you're on. Please check our pricing page to see that information.


1. Navigate to the custom questions section

You can start adding custom questions in two ways.

  1. Creating a new assessment: Create a new assessment by clicking the Create new assessment button in the upper right part of your screen. You'll be able to add your custom questions in step 3 of the process.
  2. Edit existing assessment: On the My assessments page, click the Edit button next to the assessment you'd like to edit. Click on step 3 of the assessment creation timeline (Add questions) so you can add or edit your custom questions.


Note: You can only add or change custom questions in an assessment that has not yet had candidates invited. This article provides more information about why that is.

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2. Add questions

In either case, you'll see this screen at the Add questions step:


Click the desired question type to begin creating your question:


Note: The question types available on your plan depending on which plan you are subscribed to. You can use whichever types don't have the diamond icon next to them, without needing to upgrade your plan.

The number of questions you can choose also depends on your plan. Check our pricing page to confirm exactly what is included in your plan.


If you've already made custom questions in a previous assessment, you can reuse them by clicking the copy custom questions link.

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3. Creating a new question

There are 5 different types of custom questions to choose from:


Select a type of question to be taken to the question editor.

Below is an example of what the question editor looks like for a multiple choice question.

Tip: Need help deciding on which question types to use in your assessment? Have a look at this article for in-depth explanations and tips.

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4. Reordering questions

When you’ve finished creating your question, it'll be visible in the custom questions overview. Here you can arrange the order in which candidates will see your questions through the use of the up and down arrows.

You can also view the details of a question, edit it by clicking the edit button, or delete with 

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If you still need help, you can always reach out to the support team. We're happy to answer your questions.