How can I check if a candidate has cheated?

We use various methods to determine if a candidate has potentially cheated and will show you alerts on the candidate's individual results page.

Since your candidates will be completing your assessment online, in a non-controlled environment, it's important to make sure none of them are using outside assistance for an unfair advantage.

You can find anti-cheating alerts on each individual candidate's results page. We track your candidates' actions during the assessment in four key ways.

  1. Filled out only once from IP address: Using the IP address, we check if candidates fill out the assessment only once (with a public link to the assessment, candidates could use multiple email addresses to take repeated attempts at the assessment).
  2. Webcam enabled: we take a snapshot of the candidate every 30 seconds using their camera or webcam. We do this to verify that your candidate is the only one taking the assessment. You can review these pictures with the slider on the results page.
  3. Full-screen mode always active: this ensures a candidate does not exit the test to find answers or help online.
  4. Mouse always in assessment window: this ensures a candidate does not use a second screen to find answers or help.

Note that this example shows a candidate with a high indication of cheating behavior.

We ask the permission of candidates to take these pictures before they start the assessment. For privacy reasons, the webcam snapshots are removed from our servers 6 months after they have been recorded. Read this article and our Privacy Policy to learn about how we deal with privacy and GDPR.