How can I close an assessment once I’ve hired someone?

Use the "Hired" toggle button to select your hired candidates, then archive the assessment for future reference.

After you've finished evaluating your assessment results, you can use the "Hired" toggle button to indicate which candidates you've hired. This can be done for one or more candidates per assessment.

If you're done with the assessment, we recommend archiving all assessments that you're no longer using (learn how to do this here). This way, you can save all results from an assessment while keeping a clean overview. This can be a handy reference for future assessments if you're hiring for a similar role.

You can also clone an archived assessment to use it again later (click here to learn how to do this).

You can also delete an assessment if you're completely sure you will no longer need it. Please note that if you choose the delete option, all results from an assessment will be permanently removed. We highly recommend downloading the assessment results in a CSV file beforehand. Learn how to do this here.