How can I compare results between candidates?

Compare the results of different candidates at a glance using the assessment overview.

You can analyze the results of an assessment on two levels:

  • Grouped: when you go to an assessment on your "My assessments" page, you'll find an overview of the average results for each individual candidate. You can use this to quickly compare candidates to find the top performers at a glance.
  • Individual: clicking a candidate's name in this list allows you to see their detailed results page. Here you can review a candidate's results per test, see their answers to custom questions and view the status of anti-cheating alerts.

This article is about comparing the results of all candidates at once. Ready to dive into their specific results? You can read about that here.

Compare candidates' results with the assessment overview

When you go to "My assessments" and click on the assessment you want to analyze, you'll get a clear overview of the results for every candidate.

By looking at the average test scores, you can quickly see who performed the best on the tests. You can arrange the candidates from the highest to lowest scores (or the other way around) by clicking on the arrow next to "Average test score."

If you've added a personality test to your assessment, you'll be able to immediately see which personality type each candidate has.

Once you've rated the custom question responses of the candidates, you can easily check out which candidates you rated the highest in this area as well (learn how to do this here). 

Tip: Use the "Hired" toggle button to indicate who you've hired at the end of your recruitment process. Learn more about this button and what it does here.