How can I customize the invitation email to candidates?

Tailor your invitation emails and brand them with your company color and logo.

TestGorilla sends invitation emails to the candidates you invite to your assessments. Using a link in that email, candidates can start their assessment. If you use a public link, candidates will fill in their email address to receive an invite.

You can customize the invite emails by including your own text and changing the layout. This is useful if you want to do the following:

  • Include a deadline for finishing the assessment
  • Clarifying your hiring process
  • Giving information about the assessment, if and how they can prepare, and how they will be evaluated

You can customize the text in the invitation email at the assessment level; all candidates that participate in an assessment will get the customized invitation.

The invitation email uses the logo and brand color that you've set in the My Company tab of your Account settings. If you haven't uploaded your own logo and set your own color, the TestGorilla logo and color will be used.

If you create a new assessment, the TestGorilla default email will be used. You will have to customize the invitation email for any new assessment.

If you clone an assessment, any customization to the invitation email is cloned as well.

Customizing the invitation email

After you have created an assessment, you can invite candidates to your assessment:

Pressing the button "Customize invitation email" will open the following screen:

On the left-hand side, you can edit the email, and on the right-hand side, you see the result. You can use variables in the editor. For example, if you use {candidate_name} in the editor, the first name of the candidate will be printed in the actual email. There are 4 variables that you can use:

  • {candidate_name} - First name of the candidate. If the name is unknown, it will be left empty. The salutation will then simply be "Hi"

  • {customer_name}  - Your first and last name, as you filled it out the My Profile tab of your Account Settings. If both the first and last names are missing, "The recruitment department" will be used.

  • {company_name} - Your company name, as you filled it out in the My Company tab of your Account Settings. If this is not filled out, the domain of your email address (e.g. "" will be used.

  • {assessment_name} - The name of the assessment, as you filled it out in step 1 of the assessment creation process.

You can format the body of the email with the tools in the bar above the editor. The { } sign gives you access to the variables.