How can I reuse answers from an earlier culture survey?

You can save time by copying your answers from an earlier culture survey to a new one.

The first time you include the culture add test in one of your assessments, you (or a colleague) must fill in the culture survey to establish the desired values and behaviors of your candidates. You can read more about how to fill out the survey here

After you’ve filled out the survey once, you can then use your answers in future assessments and edit them as needed. This allows you to quickly alter the survey to match the specifications for each job role.

First, add the culture add test to a new assessment

Add the culture add test to your new assessment during Step 2 of the assessment creation process.  Finish creating your assessment as usual to view your new assessment dashboard. 

Next, copy your culture survey answers from a previous assessment

In your new assessment dashboard, you'll see a message that your culture survey is pending. Click on it to open up the box with the culture survey options. Then, click on Copy/edit answers from a previous assessment.

In the new tab that opens, click on the Assessment box. You’ll see a drop-down menu of all your previous assessments that have used a culture survey. Select the assessment you'd like to use as your starting point. 

choose assessment

Next, you can choose Use all previous answers if you'd like to keep the same answers in all sections. Answers will be copied and your survey will be finalized automatically.

You can also choose Change answers to edit specific answers of the survey for the new job role. After you’re done making edits, you can finalize the new version of your survey.