How can I see a detailed candidate score for a multiple-choice test?

While we cannot disclose the questions and answers of your candidates, you can see how they did on each of the skill areas in a test.

Detailed test scoring is one of the ways we allow for more insight into your candidate's assessment results without giving away the answers to our questions.

If you'd like to learn more about why we don't give out our test answers, you can read about it here.

Each of our multiple-choice skills tests is broken into several skill areas. By clicking on the scores of a multiple-choice test, you'll see how your candidate performed in individual skill areas within the test, like in this gif:


Shown above are the so-called Harvey balls, which indicate the areas where the candidate did well or underperformed. The legend for these Harvey ball scores is as follows:

Harvey ball Score





Note: The Harvey ball scores are adjusted based on the selected scoring benchmark.