How can I check if someone has completed an assessment?

Check your My assessments page to see who has started and who has completed an assessment.

Applies to: Free, Starter, Scale, Business plans; Owner, Admin, Recruiter, Hiring manager roles


You can quickly check how many candidates have started and finished your assessment by looking at the Progress column on your My assessments page.



Once a candidate has completed an assessment, their results are saved for you to review. There are two ways to review the results of a candidate:

  1. Go to My assessments and click on the assessment you want to review. Here you'll see a list of all candidates that have completed this assessment. Click on the name of a candidate to review his or her individual results.
  2. Go to My candidates to see a list of all candidates that have completed one or more of your assessments. Here you can find a specific candidate by name.
Tip: Ready to analyze the results of an assessment? We explain how in this article.





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