How can I share candidates' results with colleagues or clients that don't have access to TestGorilla?

You can share both the overall results of an assessment as well as individual candidate's results by downloading a PDF, CSV, or Excel file.

How to share the overall results of an assessment

First, navigate to the My assessments tab of your account and click on the assessment you’d like to share. 

In the top right-hand corner, click the download button (the cloud icon shown below) and select the file type you'd like to download from the drop-down menu.



The Excel and CSV files contain the same information. Both file types are included so that you can download whichever document type is more convenient for you. You can see more information about what is included in these file in our knowledge base article "Can I download results of an assessment?"


The PDF file will contain an overview of candidate results, along with details about the assessment, including: 

  • The overall number of candidates invited to the assessment and their progress status (completed, started, invited, disqualified)
  • The tests and custom questions included in the assessment
  • Two graphs on candidate performance: 
    • Overall performance
    • Performance by test
  • A list of candidates with their name, the date they were invited on, their average score, and your rating (In other words, the same info you see on the main assessment screen)

You can see a sample of this PDF in this article.

How to share the results of an individual candidate via PDF

First, click on the candidate's name in the assessment dashboard to view their analytical results page.

In the upper right-hand corner, click on the download button (the cloud icon shown below) and select PDF from the drop-down menu. 


The PDF will include all the information shown on the analytical results page, including: 

  • The candidate's name and email
  • The candidate's average score
  • The information from the anti-cheating monitor
  • The candidate's detailed test scores and their average score according to any benchmark used
  • The custom questions asked on the test and the candidate's answers
    • Your ratings and comments on each of the custom questions

    Note: for video questions, the PDF includes a link to the TestGorilla platform. This means that video questions are not accessible to those without access to TestGorilla.