How do I integrate with Greenhouse?

In a few steps, you can use TestGorilla assessments within Greenhouse.

Are you using Greenhouse for managing your candidates? Then you can connect TestGorilla to your ATS. This allows you to do two things:

  1. Invite candidates to a TestGorilla assessment from within Greenhouse
  2. See the summarized assessment results of your candidates inside Greenhouse

This article explains how that works.

Step 1: Activate the integration

Click on your name in the top right corner of the application to open the Account Settings menu and then press "Integrations":

Then click "Enable" on the Greenhouse integration:

Copy the API key and contact Greenhouse customer support using the hyperlink above the API key. Request the support representative to enable the integration and give them the API key.

This would also be a good time to invite any of your colleagues to TestGorilla to make sure that they can access the full assessment results of a candidate. As an account owner or administrator, you can add them in the Team Management tab.

Step 2: Create an assessment in TestGorilla

Once you get a confirmation from your Greenhouse support representative, you can create a new assessment in TestGorilla. Follow the 4 steps to create the assessment and when you get to invite your candidates, you can select Greenhouse:

Doing so will make your assessment available in Greenhouse immediately.

Step 3: Add TestGorilla as a stage in your Interview Plan

You can now create or edit the job in Greenhouse and add TestGorilla as a stage in your Interview Plan:

We recommend using the TestGorilla assessment before any interviews or other stages. This way you will focus quickly on the most promising candidates. Please see the example below:

Step 4: Select the relevant TestGorilla assessment

Press Edit in the TestGorilla box and then add select the right "Test Name" in the dropdown menu -- this is the assessment name as you made it in TestGorilla). See the screenshot below. Confirm your choice by pressing "Save".

You can then finalize the configuration of your job.

Step 5: Invite your candidate(s) to the TestGorilla assessment 

Once you have one or more candidates for the job, you can move them to the TestGorilla stage and press "Send Test". This triggers the invitation email for the assessment from TestGorilla to the candidate. 

Once you've done that, Greenhouse gives you the following confirmation:

Step 6: Review the assessment results

Once a candidate has taken the assessment, their average score across the tests included in the assessment will appear. In the example below, that score is 92:

Please note that the synchronization happens every 30 minutes. To drill deeper into the results, click "TestGorilla" on the left to see the following results:

This report shows the most essential candidate results. For more details (such as any custom question answers and the webcam screenshots), you can click "View Report" to access the candidate detail page in TestGorilla.

Do you have any questions about your integration with Greenhouse,
do let us know. We're here to help.