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How do I use the question editor for my own questions?

Want to add a video, code snippet, or math formula in the question editor? This article explains how.

TestGorilla's question editor allows you to enrich your questions and answers with pictures, code snippets, bullet points, and more.

In the question editor's text menu you'll find the following options:

  1. Bold, italic, and underlined text
  2. Numbering and bullet points
  3. Monospaced font to enter inline code
  4. Code snippets
  5. Quotation marks
  6. Greek letters
  7. Mathematical formulas
  8. Multimedia files (image, video, or audio)
  9. Clear formatting

Here we'll explain how to use each of these features.

You're probably familiar with the first 5 icons in the question editor.

The first three buttons allow you to make your text bold, italic, or underlined. The last two buttons allow numbering and bullet points for your text.

The next icon allows you to use a monospaced font to enter inline code. Simply select the text you want to turn into code and press the inline code button.

To include a snippet of several lines of code, use the icon directly to the right. Your code will be color-coded automatically. This feature is only available in the text of the question itself, not in multiple-choice answer responses.

You can include a quote by using the quotation mark icon as follows:

To include Greek letters, use the omega icon:

The next icon to the right allows you to include mathematical formulas. We've made a separate article that explains in more detail how to use it. In short, you can use LaTeX conventions to enter your formulas and symbols.

The next three icons to the right allow you to insert multimedia files: an image, a video, or an audio file, respectively. When clicking one of these icons, a window will open to drag and drop your file. You can also browse for your file using the "Or choose file here" button.

The last button allows you to clear all formatting for selected text. In the example below, the bold disappears from the text when clicking the icon.