How much time does a candidate have to complete a test or question?

A candidate is given 10 minutes to complete most tests from our test library. For custom questions, you can choose from a number of time limits.


A candidate has up to 10 minutes to complete a test. The only exceptions are certain coding tests, where a candidate is given 30 minutes.

You cannot change the time limit of a test from our test library. Check out this article to find out why.

Custom questions

For custom questions, you can set the time limit yourself (except file upload questions, which do not have time limits).

You'll be asked to select a time limit automatically whenever you create a custom question. 

During an assessment, candidates see a clock running at the top of the screen that shows how much time they have left to complete a test or custom question. If the timer reaches zero, a candidate is automatically taken to the next step in the assessment.

If a candidate has finished a test or custom question before the timer reaches zero, they can simply submit it and continue with the rest of the assessment.