How much time does a candidate have to complete a test or question?

The amount of time a candidate receives varies based on the test type: multiple-choice, coding, or custom question.

Applies to: Free, Starter, Scale, Business, Enterprise plans; Owner, Admin, Recruiter, Hiring manager roles


There are three types of tests a candidate could encounter, and the timing is different accordingly.

  1. Multiple-choice tests
  2. Coding tests
  3. Custom questions

General information is given about each type below, but if you're still not sure, you can see the amount of time provided for a specific test by checking out the test information in the test library.


Multiple-choice tests

A candidate has up to 10 minutes to complete every multiple-choice test, including the culture add survey, personality tests, and custom built company tests.

Each test has 12, 15, or 20 questions depending on the test. The number of questions is determined by the topic, the nature of the questions (how long they take to solve), as well as the level of each test.

Note: If you wish to grant your candidates additional time to complete the tests, you can do so by following this guide.

Coding tests

Candidates will have 10 minutes to complete entry-level coding tests, while they'll be given 30 minutes for more advanced tests.

Tip: You'll know a test is entry-level by the "entry-level" statement in it's name.

Custom questions

For custom questions, you can set the time limit yourself, with the exception of file upload questions, which do not have time limits.

You'll be asked to select a time limit automatically whenever you create a custom question. 


Does a candidate know they have a time limit?

Yes! During an assessment, a clock is displayed at the top of the screen that shows how much time is left to complete a test or question, as well as how many questions are left in the time period. If the timer reaches zero, a candidate is automatically taken to the next step in the assessment.

If a candidate has finished a test or custom question before the timer reaches zero, they can simply submit it and continue with the rest of the assessment.



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