How long does an assessment take?

TestGorilla assessments vary in duration. An assessment typically takes anywhere between 10 and 60 minutes.

The exact duration of a TestGorilla assessment varies. Assessments are created and customized by companies themselves. We'll explain what a typical assessment looks like so you can get a rough idea of how long yours could take.

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An assessment is made up of different test blocks. Each block has a time limit that varies according to the types of tests.

  • Regular tests: time limit of 10 minutes
  • Coding tests: time limit of 10 or 30 minutes
  • Custom questions: varies (set by the company)

The duration of an assessment also depends on the total number of tests and questions a company decides to put in.

The minimum duration is 10 minutes (only one test in the assessment). The maximum duration is around an hour. Each assessment can consist of up to 5 tests and up to 10 custom questions (which are represented as one test block).

Before you start each test, we'll let you know how long you have to complete it. When you begin, you'll see a timer at the top of your screen showing how much time you have left.