JazzHR integration

This article explains how you can use TestGorilla assessments from within JazzHR.

You can connect TestGorilla to your JazzHR account, allowing you to invite candidates to an assessment and see the summarized results inside JazzHR. This article explains how that works. The JazzHR integration is available for users of the Scale and Business plans.

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In this article

  1. Activate the integration
  2. Invite candidates
  3. Visualize results
  4. Common questions

Activate the integration

The integration between JazzHR and TestGorilla is set up from inside your TestGorilla account.

Note: Only the owner of your TestGorilla account can set up the integration.

1-1     Click your name in the top right corner of the browser and select the Integrations option from the drop down menu.

2     Locate the JazzHR integration and click the Enable button, to generate your API key.
3     Copy the API Key.

4      In JazzHR, go to Settings > Integrations > TestGorilla.
5     Insert the API key, and hit the Save Credentials button.

Note: Once the integration has been activated, all new TestGorilla assessments will be available from within JazzHR. Assessments made prior to activating the integration will not be available.


Invite candidates

You'll invite candidates to assessments from inside of JazzHR.

1-1     From the JazzHR dashboard, go to Candidates.
2     Choose a candidate and select Assessments
3     Select the relevant assessment from the list and press the Send Test Gorilla button. The candidate will receive an email inviting them to take the assessment.


Visualize results

Once a candidate starts their assessment, their status in JazzHR will be displayed as In progress. When a candidate completes their assessment, the status will change to Completed. At this point, a summarized result will become available in JazzHR.

Click the View details button to visit the full results in TestGorilla.

Note: You must be a registered user of your company's TestGorilla account with appropriate user rights in order to see the full results of a candidate's assessment.


Common questions

Why doesn't an assessment show up in my list of available assessments?
If the assessment is still active, the integration was most likely turned on after the time the assessment was created. Only assessments created after the integration was activated will be available.