Lever integration

How you can use TestGorilla assessments within the Lever ATS

You can connect TestGorilla to your Lever account, allowing you to invite candidates to an assessment and see the summarized results inside Lever. This article explains how that works. The Lever integration is available on the Scale and Business plans and can be enabled by users with Admin or Owner accses. Within Lever, you must have a Super Admin role to set up the integration. 

Approx. reading time: 3 minutes

In this article

  1. Set up the integration
    1. Connect the integration
    2. Configure the integration
  2. Use the integration
    1. Inviting candidates
    2. Status update tags
    3. Job posting tags
    4. Review responses
  3. Disable the integration
  4. Common questions

Set up the integration

The integration between Lever and TestGorilla is set up from within your TestGorilla account.

Note: Only the owner of your TestGorilla account can set up the integration. They must have the role of Super Admin within Lever to complete the setup.


Connect the integration

Caution: Before enabling the integration, visit Lever:

  • Go to Settings > Integrations and API > Webhooks
  • Enable Candidate Stage Change option

If you do not do this, the email invitation to your candidates will not be sent.

1-1 Click your name in the top right corner of the browser and select the Integrations option from the drop down menu.

Locate the Lever integration and click the Enable button.

3 Authorize the TestGorilla integration, after you are redirected to Lever.
4 Click Accept to connect the integration. Once complete, you can configure your integration preferences in TestGorilla.

Tip: Now would be the ideal time to create an assessment in your TestGorilla account, and a job posting in your Lever account.


Configure the integration

1-1 In TestGorilla, select the Lever stage where you'd like to send the TestGorilla invitation to the candidate.
2 Select the Lever stage where the candidate should move after completing the TestGorilla assessment.
3 Associate TestGorilla assessments with job postings in Lever. By pairing them up, candidates that apply to the specified job post will get the appropriate TestGorilla assessment invitation.



Use the integration

After you set up and configure the integration with Lever, you can proceed to invite your candidates and review their hiring stage and results within the Lever platform.

Inviting candidates

Applicants will automatically be invited to an assessment based on your configuration preferences in TestGorilla. In order to ensure that your candidate receives an email invitation to complete the appropriate assessment, follow the below steps:

1-1 Within Lever, navigate to the Candidates tab.
2 Choose the relevant candidate.
3 Select the correct Job Posting from the right side of the Overview dashboard.

Move the candidate to the correct stage of the hiring process (as per your configuration settings). The candidate will automatically receive their assessment invitation via the Lever platform, meaning there is no need to invite your candidates from within TestGorilla.



Status update tags

To report on the candidate’s progress through the hiring journey, TestGorilla automatically assigns a status tag to each candidate:

Status Meaning
TestGorilla: Invitation Pending an invitation from TestGorilla will be sent
TestGorilla: Invitation Sent an invitation from TestGorilla has been sent
TestGorilla: Invitation Failed TestGorilla failed to send the assessment invitation. The most common reason for this is that the candidate does not have an email address registered in Lever.
TestGorilla: Assessment Started The candidate has successfully begun the assessment
TestGorilla: Assessment Completed The candidate has successfully completed the assessment



Job posting tags

To ensure the right assessment invitation is sent to the candidate, TestGorilla adds an Assessment ID tag to each job posting, based on your configuration in TestGorilla.

This will be something like TestGorilla: ID-245219. The tag specifies which assessment the candidate was invited to.



Review responses

The candidate results will be posted as a Note on the opportunity. This note includes: 

  • A summary of their results 
  • A link to their candidate page in TestGorilla



Disable the integration

1-1 In TestGorilla, navigate to the Integrations page located in the dropdown under your account name in top right of the home page.
2 Click Disable.
3 Go to your Lever account.
4 Navigate to the Integrations & API Settings page.
5 In the Authorized Apps tab, locate TestGorilla.
6 Click Revoke Access to disable the integration.


Common questions

My candidates are not receiving their invitation emails when I invite them through Lever. How do I fix this?
Most likely, the Candidate Stage change option was not turned on when setting up the integration. You'll want to be sure it's turned on. To do this::

  • In Lever, go to Settings > Integrations and API > Webhooks
  • Enable Candidate Stage Change option.