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Notes on our recent releases

We're constantly improving. Here you can see a summary of our most recent release.

Here you can see notes on our most recent release:

July 2022

  • Bulk Actions: As the name suggests, you can now perform actions on multiple candidates at once. Want to change the hiring status of 50 candidates? You can do it in 5 clicks (we counted).
  • New ATS Integrations: We went on an integration-spree. Breezy, Bullhorn, Recruitee and Workable are now supported.
  • Hyperlinks in text editor: Now you can add hyperlinks in questions texts when creating a company test or a custom question.
  • Score range filter: Filter candidates using ranges of score. 
  • More custom question durations: Responding to the different needs of companies, we have expanded the time duration we support for Essay and Multiple Choice question types.
  • Video recording improvements: An issue with video recording on the Safari browser has been fixed. Also, candidates can now do test video recordings before the assessment begins. You can now expect more confident video responses. 
  • Updates on role’s permissions: All account roles (Admin, Owner, Recruiter, Hiring Manager) now have permissions to see the Plan and Billing tab in the application. The Owner role is still the only role that can upgrade the account.
  • Daily Summary Email: You can now get a summary email with all the top new applicants on your assessments delivered daily into your box.