Subscribe to, change, or cancel a plan

Learn to subscribe to, change, or cancel your plan.

Whether you’re a free user looking to subscribe to a plan, or a paid user looking to change or cancel your plan, this is the article for you. Currently only TestGorilla account owners can subscribe to plans or make changes to billing information.

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  1. Subscribe to or change your plan
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    3. Using PayPal
  2. Upgrading and downgrading
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  3. Cancel your plan
    1. Data access
  4. Common questions

Subscribe to or change your plan

Subscribing to a new plan and upgrading an existing plan are very similar. There are a few ways to get to the page to select a plan. You can either:

  • Head to the Plan & billing tab found in your account settings, and click the Change plan or Upgrade to… buttons.
  • Add a feature or test to your assessment that is not included in your current plan, as indicated by a diamond. A pop-up will appear letting you know how you can use this feature on your current plan. That pop-up will also include a link to upgrade your plan.
  • If you currently have a Free plan, you can click the Upgrade now button in the top right corner of your account.
  • Attempt to invite an external candidate to an assessment containing a test or feature not included in your current plan. This will trigger a pop-up prompting you to upgrade.

Once you've reached the plan selection page, follow the below steps:


Select a currency
If you’re subscribing to a plan for the first time, you’ll want to select a currency. If you don’t, we’ll select one for you based on your IP address.

We currently offer plans in five currencies:

  • United States dollars (USD)
  • Great British pounds (GBP)
  • Euros (EUR)
  • Australian dollars (AUD)
  • Indian Rupees (INR)

Note: If you are changing from one paid plan to another, you will not be able to select a different currency. You would have to create a completely new account to switch currencies.



Select a plan

Our plans are displayed as the cost per month but billed yearly. Each plan comes with a specific number of assessment and candidate credits, with a cost per extra credit used. Each plan also comes with a specific feature set.

In addition to the features of a Free plan, all paid plans come with:

  • Full use of our test library
  • Up to 5 tests per assessment
  • Email based support
  • Unlimited account users
  • Company branding options
  • Bulk candidate invites

Struggling to decide on a plan? Use the calculator found under the plan options to help you choose.


Enter or confirm your billing information

When subscribing to a plan for the first time, you’ll need to fill in your company name, address, and payment information to complete the transaction. We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. If you want to use PayPal, check out the Using PayPal section below.

Using a coupon code
If you have a coupon code, you can apply it by clicking the Apply coupon link at the bottom of the page. If the coupon code is valid, you’ll see the new price calculated in real-time.

Changing billing information during checkout
If you’re changing from one paid plan to another, you’ll be able to change the billing information already saved in your account. Otherwise, confirm that you want to keep the billing information the same.




TestGorilla is a Dutch company. As such, we charge VAT where applicable. The country of your billing address determines VAT charges.

If you are charged VAT, you will be informed of this during checkout, as it is not included in the advertised price.

If you are a registered business with a VAT number, a space will appear on the checkout page for you to enter it, if VAT is being charged. If VAT is not being charged, this box will not appear.

Note: Entering your VAT number does not necessarily mean the reverse charge mechanism will be applied. For example, if your company is also registered in The Netherlands, VAT is still charged.




After finalizing your payment details, hit that Subscribe button! Your new plan will begin immediately and will automatically renew in one year. For more information about billing cycles please review the billing cycles section of our plan & billing guide.



Using PayPal

To use PayPal for your purchase, you’ll need to add your PayPal details to your account before upgrading. You’ll do this from the Plan & billing tab.

  • Click the Payment method link.
  • Select the PayPal tab from the top of the onscreen pop-up.
  • Enter your PayPal details.

    After entering your PayPal details, you’ll be able to proceed with upgrading your plan.


    Information about upgrading and downgrading


    If you’re upgrading from a lower-tiered paid plan, you will be billed for the full amount of your new plan, as well as any outstanding overage credits. Your renewal date will change to the date of your upgrade. If you had credits remaining from your previous plan, they will carry over, and expire at the end of your original billing cycle.

    Emily is on a Pay-as-you-go plan that will renew on August 10th.
    Today is April 1st.
    She has 2 unpaid assessment credits, and 25 remaining candidate credits from her original plan.
    She upgrades to a Scale plan, getting charged for 2 assessment credits at the PAYG rate, as well as being charged for the new Scale plan.
    The 25 candidate credits are carried over.
    They expire on August 10, 2022. Her new auto-renewal date is April 1, 2023.




    If you downgrade from a higher tiered plan, the new plan will not take effect until the date that your plan is due to renew. This includes downgrading to a Free plan; see the section on canceling your plan for further details about this. The previous terms for your higher-tiered plan continue to apply until the end of the billing cycle.

    Emily is on a Scale plan and her subscription will renew on August 10th.
    She knows her hiring needs will be significantly less next year, so she downgrades to a Pay-as-you-go plan.
    She will continue to have access to all of the features of her Scale plan until her renewal date.
    On August 10th, her plan will renew on the Pay-as-you-go plan.

    You will retain all of your data if you downgrade to a lower-paid plan, but premium features will no longer be available in your new plan. This means that if you have an active assessment using a premium feature, you will no longer be able to use that assessment. Such assessments will be marked with a red diamond.


    Cancel your plan

    We’re sorry to see you go! As with other billing items, only the account owner can cancel your plan. To cancel, simply downgrade to the Free plan.

    Your plan will continue to be active for the duration of the billing cycle and you will still have access to all data and features during that time.

    Warning: If you use overage credits while your plan is still active, you will still be billed for them on the monthly cycle per our terms of use.



    Data access

    Once your plan becomes Free, you will no longer have access to candidate results for any premium assessments. Because of this, we highly recommend downloading your candidate results before your plan expires.


    Common questions

    What payment methods can I use?
    We currently accept all major credit cards and PayPal. We cannot accept payment via bank transfer. If you plan to use PayPal for an upgrade you’ll need to add the details before making the purchase. You can see how to do that here.

    What currencies do you offer?
    We currently offer plans in five different currencies. Please see the section Select a currency for more information.

    I canceled my plan. Why am I still being charged?
    Most likely, your plan has not finished its payment cycle yet, so you’re still on a premium plan using additional credits. If you use overage credits while your plan is still active, you will still be billed for them on the monthly cycle per our terms of use.

    If you haven’t used the plan since the day you downgraded to Free, and it’s within 30 days of your downgrade, you most likely hit the end of your monthly billing cycle and we have charged for your outstanding overages. After reviewing your invoices, if things aren’t making sense, contact us. We’re happy to help.

    Do you charge GST (Goods and Services Tax)?
    As we are a Dutch company, we are only required to charge VAT (Value Added Tax) to other members of the European Union. For companies outside of the European Union, TestGorilla is considered an export, so neither VAT nor GST is charged.

    Do you offer monthly pricing?
    We do not currently offer monthly pricing. If you are currently on a monthly legacy plan, and you switch to one of our current offerings, you will not be able to switch back to your previous monthly plan. Please read this article for full details on legacy plans. 

    How do I delete my billing information from my account?
    While you can change your billing information at any time, you cannot delete it. By subscribing to a paid plan, you agree to our terms and conditions, including the payment of overage charges for the duration of your plan cycle. If you would like your payment details removed and you have no intention of using the product further:

    • Downgrade to a Free plan
    • Download any data you will still want access to
    • Get in touch with us. We can delete your payment details. We will also disable access to your premium account.