TestGorilla's product roadmap

TestGorilla is getting better by the day! This article covers our exciting product developments. Come back regularly to see what's new.

We are improving and extending our product on an ongoing basis. These improvements are based on requests from our customers and our product vision. Next to these developments, we are also expanding our library of tests. Click here to see which tests are coming soon.

Currently in development

You can expect features listed here to be released in the coming months: 

  • ATS integrations: Personio, Recruitee, JazzHR, and BambooHR, Lever, BreezyHR, Workable
  • Advanced Team Management settings: Choose to which assessments your hiring managers have access.
  • Privacy (GDPR) settings: Set the retention period of your candidate data to align with your company policies.
  • Anonymize candidates: Mask the names, email addresses, and anti-cheating snapshots to avoid any of your unconscious biases influencing your decision-making on your candidates.
  • Email notifications when a candidate has completed their assessment: On popular request :)
  • Advanced analytics and reporting: Statistical analyses giving you insight into the performance of your candidates and essential recruiting KPIs.
  • And many more...
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The following features have been released and are available to all our customers.

Release date: September 16:

  • Practice questions for candidates: As part of the assessment, candidates will see a few sample questions of their test, before the actual test starts. That way they can familiarize themselves a bit with the test to be well prepared.
  • Qualifying questions: You can now see your disqualified candidates' answers to the qualifying questions, to understand why they were disqualified.
  • My company tests: You can now choose the duration of your own tests and the amount of questions you want to serve to candidates.

Release date: August 28:

  • Accommodations: At the start of an assessment, candidates can indicate that they're a non-native English speaker. They can also, confidentially, indicate that their ability to perform well on the assessment is hindered by a condition that affects their memory or concentration capacity. We set up their assessment according to their needs.
  • Invitation email delivery status: You can now see if the invitation email for an assessment has been delivered, opened, and clicked.
  • New coding languages: You can now create custom coding questions in Kotlin, Scala, R, and Swift. We'll also create some tests in these languages.

Release date: June 20:

  • New coding languages: You can now create coding challenges in Ruby, Typescript, and Go. This is part of a broader effort to enable more coding languages.
  • iOS is now fully functional: iOS enabled the front camera from the browser, so candidates can now take assessments with full proctoring functionality and record video responses on Safari.
  • Bulk invite candidates through CSV/XLSX uploads: You can now invite candidates in bulk using CSV or XLSX file uploads. File templates are provided and as added benefit, the first name of candidates are used in the salutation of the invitation email.

Release date: May 24:

  • More options for time limits in custom questions: You may want to create a coding test of 50 minutes, or have a time limit for the uploading of a file. We have expanded the options to give you more flexibility.
  • Capture gender, age, ethnicity, country, English proficiency information of candidates: To make sure our tests provide equal opportunity for everyone, we analyze test results anonymously. By providing this information (optionally), candidates will help us maintain fair and unbiased tests. This information will not be shared with prospective employers.
  • Custom tests of 4 or 8 questions: You can now have just 4 or 8 questions in your 10-minute custom test, in addition to the more standard 12, 15, or 20 questions. 
  • More candidate stages: We've added "Offer declined by candidate" and "Candidate unresponsive" as candidate stages.
  • Review advanced options: After inviting your first candidate, you can no longer edit the assessment. Until now, that meant you couldn't review your advanced option settings (including any qualifying questions). Your advanced options settings are now added in the overview of candidate results.
  • Auto-grading of multiple-choice questions: If you use custom questions of the multiple-choice format, we now auto-grade them using the 5-star rating.

Release date: December 23, 2020

  • Transfer ownership to another admin: If you invited a colleague to join your TestGorilla account and they need to upgrade, you can decide to transfer your ownership of the account to them.
  • Remove candidates from your assessment: Sometimes you try an assessment yourself and you want to remove those results from the list of candidates, or you may want to give a candidate another chance at the assessment if something went wrong. After removing the candidate, you can invite them again.
  • Several improvements to the coding test report: Better clarification of error messages, more clear labels on the timeline, etc. For more details, see How do I interpret a coding test report.
  • Separate subdomain for candidates: If you invite yourself to take an assessment, you're no longer being logged out of the TestGorilla platform.
  • BIG-5 (OCEAN) test quintile thresholds: We've updated the thresholds for the quintile scores on this test (i.e. the color-coding thresholds on each of the 5 factors) based on more historic test-taker data.
  • Faster loading of the candidate results: We only load the information we need to display, resulting in a 40% improved loading speed.

Release date: November 6, 2020

  • Percentile rank scoring: See how your candidates perform relative to other candidates who have taken our tests. You can select the relevant benchmark (based on education level, business function, and seniority) and the test scores will become relative to that benchmark.
  • Detailed test scores: We will give more details into candidate performance per test by showing how they performed on each of the skill areas within a test.
  • Qualifying questions: Before candidates start their assessment, you can ask a few questions to make sure that candidates meet basic job requirements. For example, you could ask if your candidate is available full-time. If a candidate doesn't qualify on the basis of these questions, they don't take your assessment. This saves them time, avoids your assessment results being muddled by unsuitable candidates, and saves you assessment credits.
  • PDF download of candidate results: If you want to share the assessment results of a candidate with a colleague or a client, this feature will allow you to do that with a press of a button. The PDF is branded with your company logo and color and includes the notes and star ratings you added during your evaluation of the candidate.
  • Send candidate their test results in a PDF: This feature will allow you to send a PDF with the test results to the candidate. It excludes the anti-cheating monitor and any notes and star ratings you added during your evaluation of the candidate. You can send this PDF in a separate email or attach it to the reject email.
  • PDF download of all candidate scores in an assessment: Similar to the previous feature, this overview will show you all your candidates in an assessment along with their summarized results.
  • Multiple public URLs: If you're attracting candidates from different sources, you're probably interested in the performance of each of your channels separately. With this feature, you can use different public URLs and your candidates will be labeled by source.

Release date: October 21, 2020

  • Public API access: Our Business and Enterprise customers can access TestGorilla through our public API. Here is the documentation.

Release date: August 12, 2020

  • Keep track of the candidate's funnel stage: You can keep track of your candidate's progress in the recruiting funnel by selecting the appropriate stage they're in (for example: rejected, invited for interviews, offer sent).
  • Integration with SmartRecruiters: Once you've created your assessment in TestGorilla, you can invite your candidates to take the assessment directly from SmartRecruiters and see the results come in in real-time.
  • Employer video message: To give candidates a positive impression of your company and brand, you can include a video message at the start or end of the assessment.
  • Customize invitation email: This feature gives you the possibility to customize and brand the invitation email to an assessment the way you want. This includes the email body, the logo, the color of the buttons, etc.
  • Privacy mode: Disable the use of webcam snapshots taken during candidate assessments.
  • Reuse answers from an earlier culture survey: for the culture fit test, you are being asked to fill out a survey to characterize your company values and desired traits. This feature allows you to reuse and edit the answers you've given for an earlier assessment. This saves you time and avoids mistakes.

Release date: July 23, 2020

  • Team management: This feature allows you to invite your colleagues to TestGorilla and assign them a role: recruiter, hiring manager, or administrator. They get access using their own login. Recruiters can create assessments whereas hiring managers can review candidates and assign star ratings and add notes to candidates. Go to Account settings >> Team management >> Add user. 
  • Create your own test: You can now create your own tests and add them exclusively to your company's test library. All question types you're used in our tests are available to you: multiple-choice, true/false, multiple response, and short text. You simply select the right answer and your candidates will be scored on your test automatically. We also provide you with feedback from candidates and automated recommendations to improve the reliability of your test. Go to Tests >> My company tests >> Create new test. 
  • Integration with Greenhouse: We have enabled the integration with Greenhouse. Once you've created your assessment in TestGorilla, you can invite your candidates to take the assessment directly from Greenhouse and see the results come in in real-time. You can connect using an API key. Go to Account settings >> Integrations >> Enable. More information on this integration here.
  • Customizable reject emails: Send customize reject emails directly from TestGorilla.
  • Reminder candidates to take their assessment: You'll see a small red alarm bell in the table of your candidates. Use this feature to send a reminder to candidates to take their assessment. We will warn you if the candidate has just been invited or if your (previous) reminder was short ago. We'll also let you know if the candidate is still working on the assessment.