Using a free plan

The details of what's included in and limitations of using a free plan.

Do you know what’s better than a free trial? A free plan.

Free plans don’t have a time limit on them. Free plans don’t pressure you to make a decision and commit to a product before you really know if it will work for you.

Instead of trying out a product in a hypothetical situation for a limited time, our free plan allows you to incorporate TestGorilla into your workflow: using it on real candidates for real jobs, to help you get value before deciding if you need to invest money in one of our paid plans. This article is for current or potential users of our Free plan.

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In this article

  1. What's included in a free plan?
    1. Test library
    2. Feature set
  2. Limitations
    1. Assessment specific limitations
    2. Account limitations
    3. Results limitations
  3. Trialing premium features
  4. Common questions

What's included in a free plan?

Our free plan allows for unlimited candidates and assessments but has a limited test library and feature set. Here we’ll discuss what is included.

Test library

The free plan includes unlimited use of 10 tests from our library

From the Personality & Culture category:
Role-specific skills tests:
Free versions* of the following four tests:
*Free versions of tests are limited in the size of their question bank. While most tests in our library have 100+ questions available for use from the question bank, free tests only have around 20. This is done to maintain test integrity for our paying customers.

Each of your assessments can include any combination of up to five of the above tests and ten custom questions.


Feature set

Free plans have access to a limited feature set. The below features are included:

  • The use of up to ten custom questions per assessment from two types:
  • Up to 5 account users
  • 1 public link per assessment so candidates can invite themselves
  • Test recommendations for each job role
  • Customizable invitation and rejection emails
  • Candidate tracking with stages from invited to hired
  • Candidate anti-cheating measures
    • IP address logging to avoid multiple attempts by the same candidate
    • Location logging (based on IP address)
    • Webcam snapshots (with the option to turn off)
    • Full-screen mode detection (to avoid research during a test)
    • Randomized questions per test
    • Time limits on tests
    • Copy and paste disabled
  • Reporting and analytics
    • Excel and CSV downloads of assessments and individual candidates
    • Comprehensive overview of all current and past candidates
    • Scoring benchmarks for candidates with percentile rank scoring
    • Add your own ratings and personal notes



As you can see above, the free plan comes with a pretty robust feature set. So what are the limitations?

Assessment specific limitations

    • Tests. The library of the free plan only includes 10 tests while premium plans have access to over 200 tests and counting. You can see an up-to-date count on our pricing page or take a look at our full test library to see what you’re missing.
    • Custom questions. Premium plans come with more custom question types, like file uploads on the Pay-as-you-go plan, and video response and custom coding questions beginning with the Scale plan.
  • Custom tests. Users of the Scale plan or higher have the ability to use our test creator to make their own custom tests to add to any of their assessments.
  • Company intro/outro video. All premium plans can add an intro- or outro- video to their assessments, to help personalize things a bit further.
  • Qualifying questions. Users of the Scale and Business plans can make use of qualifying questions, to help save both themselves and their candidates time — as well as a bit of money. If disqualified through the use of qualifying questions, a candidate will not be presented with the full assessment, so a candidate credit will not be used.
  • Unique invitation links. Scale and Business plan users can generate unique public links to gain insight into where candidates come from.
  • Bulk invitations. Beginning with the Pay-as-you-go plan, you can invite candidates in bulk by uploading a CSV of email addresses.


Account limitations

  • Unlimited users. Free plans are limited to five account users. All paid plans come with an unlimited number of account users.
  • Company branding. Use your own company logo and colors beginning with our Scale plan.
  • ATS integrations. We offer numerous ATS integrations to users of our Scale and Business plans.
  • API access. We offer an API for our Business plan users.


Results limitations

  • PDF reports. On a Scale or Business plan, you can download a PDF report of the assessment overview and of each individual candidate.


Trialing premium features

We know how frustrating free plans can be: how do you know you want to upgrade to a paid plan until you have a chance to try out the features of that plan?

The great news is that you still can. You can test out most premium features and all premium tests within your free plan. We recommend reading this article to help you fully understand how to trial premium features, but the gist of it: create an assessment that utilizes a free feature or test, and invite either yourself or one of your account users to take it. They’ll be able to do so, free of charge.


Common questions

How do I upgrade to a paid plan?
Upgrading to a paid plan is fairly simple: choose one of the upgrade buttons found throughout your account, and follow the onscreen instructions to upgrade in one of five different currencies. For full details on purchasing a paid plan, please take a look at our article Subscribe to, change, or cancel a plan.

How can I try out premium tests or features?
We recommend reading this article to help you fully understand how to trial premium features, but the gist of it: create an assessment that utilizes a free feature or test, and invite either yourself or one of your account users to take it. They’ll be able to do so, free of charge.