How does TestGorilla prevent cheating?

At TestGorilla, we want every candidate to get a fair chance. Our software has multiple anti-cheating measures in place.

Applies to: Free, Pay as you go, Scale, Business plans; Owner, Admin, Recruiter, Hiring manager roles


The majority of candidates you test will likely have no intention of cheating. However, we still implement a number of anti-cheating measures to protect our users and the integrity of our platform.

Here's a comprehensive list:

  • We disable copy and paste during an assessment. This minimizes the risk of test questions being shared online.
  • Questions are cycled for each test. Every time a candidate takes a test, they receive a small subset of questions that come from a much larger set constructed specifically for that test. Our algorithm rotates these questions while simultaneously making sure each test is equal in difficulty and length.
  • Questions within a test have a maximum exposure count. Once each question has been shown to a certain number of candidates, it's replaced. This keeps the questions fresh.
  • Candidates won't know ahead of time which tests are in their assessment. Candidates only learn which test they're taking at the start of the test. At that point, a timer begins and a candidate won't be able to leave the assessment without you knowing.
  • We monitor and prevent candidates from registering as new customers so they can't practice tests ahead of your assessment.
  • For the same reason, the actual test questions are not available to customers.
  • Tests are timed and come with a bit of time pressure, allowing no time to look up answers.
  • We use an anti-cheating monitors during the assessment:
    • We record the approximate location of the candidate using their IP address.
    • We detect if a candidate is using a second email address to take an assessment twice.
    • We detect if they exit full-screen mode at any time during the assessment.
    • We also detect if their mouse leaves the assessment window; for example, to browse the internet on a second screen.
    • We take snapshots every 30 seconds using a candidate's camera. This is done to verify that the candidate is the one taking the assessment, without any outside help.

Our anti-cheating monitor will alert you if we detect any red flags from a candidate. If there are, it doesn't necessarily mean the candidate is cheating - use careful judgment.

Since the privacy of our users is incredibly important to us, we also make sure that each candidate explicitly knows and agrees to the terms before starting an assessment. Each candidate is made aware that they will be photographed.

Lastly, our software adheres to the highest cybersecurity standards and is regularly tested to make sure all information is kept safe.

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