How are testpreneurs paid?

Testpreneurs earn money whenever a customer uses one of their tests. In this article, we explain how this works.

At TestGorilla, we reward our testpreneurs for contributing successful screening tests. These rewards are based on three factors:

  1. The initial time investment that goes into the development of a test.
  2. The continuous improvement of the reliability and validity of the test based on our recommendations as well as feedback from candidates and customers.
  3. The ongoing improvement of the test to keep it up to date with developments in the field.

Here is how our payment structure works for testpreneurs:

  • Testpreneurs earn money every time their test is used by a customer. This payment is highest when the test is new. We thereby reward the initial time investment required by the testpreneur.
  • We continue to reward testpreneurs every single time the test is taken, no matter how many candidates take the test. The ongoing maintenance of the test is a smaller effort than the initial development, so the payment per test is lower when a lot of candidates have already taken the test.
  • Note: customers may choose to try TestGorilla first, using a free trial. Our payment model is based on revenue-sharing, so testpreneurs do not earn money on free trial customers (since we don't either).

Want to get an idea of your potential earnings as a testpreneur? The graph below shows the cumulative earnings on a test, using a range of paid tests.

The payment that testpreneurs receive per test depends not only on the number of times a test is taken, but also on the test's TestGorilla Score, as shown in the table below.

TestGorilla score  → 50-60% 60-70% 70-80% 80-90% 90-100%
0-10,000 paid tests  $0.15  $0.16  $0.17  $0.18  $0.19
10,001-100,000 paid tests  $0.10  $0.11  $0.12  $0.13  $0.14
>100,000 paid tests  $0.05  $0.06  $0.07  $0.08  $0.09

As a testpreneur, your earnings are largely based on how many candidates take your test; however, a test's TestGorilla Score is also a key factor. Our internal team keeps a close eye on the TestGorilla Score for each test. If a test has a higher score, it's more likely to be promoted to customers.

High-quality tests can provide you with a good source of passive income. This is why it's important to act on any recommendations from TestGorilla, as well as address the feedback from customers and candidates. The better your tests perform, the more you earn!