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What instructions does my candidate receive?

If you're curious about what instructions the candidate will receive for taking the assessment, this article provides an example.

Applies to: All plans; Owner, Admin, Recruiter, Hiring Manager Roles


When you invite a candidate to your assessment, they receive an email containing the invitation link. This will look a bit like this:


Tip: This email is customizable including the button color, logo, message, and the use of tokens to auto fill things like candidate name.


When the candidate clicks on Go to the assessment, they are directed to the TestGorilla platform where they can take the assessment.

The candidate will be asked to enter their full name and accept our Privacy Policy as shown in the screenshot below:


Note: The logo and color you've set for your account will be used here as well. 


At this point, the candidate will receive a welcome message and an explanation of how the assessment works. They will receive information including:

  • A statement about why they are being asked to complete an assessment
  • If you've opted to include a welcome video, this will appear on the left side
  • How many tests and custom questions are included
  • The estimated time to complete the assessment
  • If the assessment includes qualifying questions, a statement alerting them to this
  • A statement that the assessment is timed and how the timer appears
  • Disclosure about the use of a webcam for screenshots for anti-cheating measures
  • A statement alerting the candidate to any video answers that might be part of the assessment
  • A request for access to the speakers/headphones in case of audio
  • The notice that the use of a calculator, pen, and paper is permitted.
  • A recommendation to complete the assessment in one go.


Note: This is an example of what the instructions will look like if you're using every feature of the platform. If you turn off snapshots, don't request video answers, or don't use qualifying questions, those items won't be included in the instructions.

If you have opted for webcam captures or a video answer, the next screen asks the candidate to allow access to their webcam to proceed to the assessment.


Note: The candidate is welcome to proceed with the assessment without the use of the webcam. Due to privacy laws, it is not possible to require someone to use their webcam during the assessment.

By clicking on Continue, the candidate will then be able to start the qualifying questions if you chose to include them. If you didn't, clicking Continue will take them to the start the first test.


Tip: Of course, the best way to see what the candidate experiences is to test it yourself. You can invite yourself or any other users on your account to take an assessment without it using up a candidate credit!


Following each test, and at the conclusion of the assessment, we will ask your candidate for some feedback.

The above page asks your candidate for their thoughts on the particular test they just completed. This information is used by us to make continuous improvements to the tests in our test library. Candidates can inform us if they believe the test is too difficult, doesn't allow enough time etc.

The above page is displayed at the end of the assessment. As well as gauging the candidate's overall impression of the assessment, we request certain demographic information from them. This aids us in providing benchmark scoring for our customers, providing greater accuracy in comparison.

Note: The feedback screens are completely optional, candidates are not obliged to provide information.

Any information we do gather from candidates is not shared with our customers. It is anonymized and used only for the purposes of improvement and benchmarking.  Our privacy policy dictates exactly how we manage information gathered from our users.



If you still need help, you can always reach out to the support team. We're happy to answer your questions.