What is the difference between an assessment and a test?

An assessment is the combination of tests and custom questions you use to evaluate your candidates.

Applies to: All plans; All user roles


The three building blocks of TestGorilla are

  1. Tests
  2. Custom questions
  3. Assessments


Tests refer to individual exams found in our test library or one of your own custom made company tests. Tests include things such as our culture add survey, personality tests like BIG5 or 16 types, as well as hard and soft skills like attention to detail and Javascript coding. 

Tests are anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes in length. The questions in tests are randomly delivered on a per assessment basis, and you do not see the individual questions and answers that are given to the candidates. This article provides a deeper explanation into why that is.


Tip: Want to know more about how long someone gets on a specific test? You can read more on that here.

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Custom questions

Custom questions are your own questions that can be included as part of an assessment. Everyone reviewing candidates will see the questions asked as well as the answers given. You have full control over the question that is asked, and the type of response you are seeking. You can learn more detailed information about custom questions in this article.

Custom questions are given various time limits depending on the question type. For example, multiple choice questions have have 30 seconds to 2 minutes, while file upload questions are given thirteen different options, from minutes to days, or no limit at all. The time limit given is also in your control.


Tip: Did you know you can also use qualifying questions to prevent unqualified candidates from taking an assessment? Learn how to do that here.

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An assessment is the combination of tests and custom questions that you use to evaluate your candidates.

Your assessments can have up to five tests in addition to your custom questions; the number of custom questions you're allowed is dictated by the plan you're using.

To help better visualize this, think of the assessment as your toolbox, while the tests and custom questions are the tools in it.

You decide which tools work best for you.


Tip: If you're stuck, these articles can help you to figure out which tests to use or which question type to pick.

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