What's the best subscription plan for me?

You can choose which subscription best fits your needs based on your average number of hires per year.

The two most important variables that make up our price plans are:

  1. The number of free credits you receive per month or year (depending on your plan).
  2. The fee for each extra credit you need. On top of your monthly or yearly credits, you can purchase additional credits as needed for a standard fee. The higher your subscription tier, the cheaper it is to purchase each extra credit.

We explain what TestGorilla credits are and how they work in this article

We offer four subscription plans, each available in monthly or yearly versions.  

  1. Rise: best for businesses that hire up to 36 people per year on average.
  2. Scale: best for companies that hire up to 240 people per year on average.
  3. Business: made for companies that hire up to 1200 people per year on average.
  4. Enterprise: for companies that hire more than 1200 people per year on average. With this plan, we offer a special subscription tailored to your needs.

You can check out our pricing options in more detail here.

You can always upgrade your account! We understand that businesses grow over time and your hiring needs may increase. Read here how you can easily upgrade your account.