When will I be charged for my plan?

Apart from your yearly plan, you will be billed monthly for any extra assessments or candidates you use.

Applies to: Pay-as-you-go, Scale, Business, Enterprise; Owner


Annual charges

We charge your subscription based on the day you started your plan. The first charge is on the day that you subscribe and subsequent charges are on the same date each year.

You subscribe on the 5th of April. Your next recurring charge will be on the 5th of April the following year.


Note: If you upgrade your subscription to a higher tiered plan, we use the date of the upgrade as the new billing date. If you downgrade your plan your original plan will continue until its expiration date, at which point the plan will downgrade.


Monthly charges

If you run out of pre-paid credits, you'll incur charges for extra credits for additional candidates or additional assessments. These are charged automatically at the end of each billing month.

Continuing with the above scenario, your automatic renewal date is April 5th next year.

You run out of candidate credits by the 10th of December and you use 20 additional candidate credits before the 5th of January. You will be charged for 20 candidates on the 5th of January.

You will continue to automatically incur charges for additional credits and will be charged for them on the 5th of each month until the 5th of April. At that time, you will be charged for the another yearly subscription, plus any additional credits used from 6th of March to the 5th of April.


Note: The cost of extra credits and assessments differ according to each plan and each currency. Check out the prices here.

Additional billings

There is one rule that will trigger charges outside of your standard billing date: if your unpaid balance hits a certain threshold, based on your chosen currency. That threshold is as follows:

Currency Threshold
Euros €500
Great British Pounds £163
United States Dollars $600
Australian Dollars $700
Indian Rupees ₹40,000



If you still need help, you can always reach out to the support team. We're happy to answer your questions.