Which question types should I use for my own questions?

There are 5 types of custom questions you can use: multiple-choice, essay, video, file upload, and coding. This article explains when and how to use each question type.

There are four custom question types available to you:

  1. Multiple-choice
  2. Essay
  3. Video
  4. File upload
  5. Coding

In the table below, we've listed summaries of the different question types and when it's best to use them.

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Question type Description When to use Example of use

Multiple choice

A question with a limited set of answers (between 2 and 10) from which the candidate has to choose.

For closed questions, when you want to limit the possible answers from your candidates.

What is not one of our core values?

A) Integrity
B) Boldness

C) Honesty


A question where the candidate can provide an open-ended answer with text.

For open questions, when you don't want to limit the possible answers.

Why do you believe you are a good fit for our company?


A question where the candidate answers with a video recording of their response.

For open questions, when you want to see how a candidate would respond in a live interview.

Ask the candidate to sell a pencil or pitch their answer to a question.

File upload

A question where you ask the candidate to upload a file.

When you'd like to see examples of past work or other relevant documents.

Request an upload of a portfolio or CV from your candidate.

Coding question

A coding challenge created by your own developers.

If your developers have their own coding challenges to test candidates.

Test candidates on their ability to create a piece of code for embedded software written in C.


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