Why do I have to enable my camera to start an assessment?

Your camera is used during assessments, both for video questions and to prevent cheating.

We check to make sure your camera is working before you start an assessment for two reasons.

  1. Video questions: some assessments will have a video question. For this type of custom question, you'll be asked to record an answer with your camera. If there is a video question in your assessment, we'll explain in detail how it works beforehand.
  2. Cheating prevention: to make online testing more reliable and fair for all users, we'll take a snapshot of you every 30 seconds during the assessment. This applies to anyone who takes an assessment. The company you're applying for can view these pictures to verify you were the one taking the assessment. These pictures are deleted once the recruitment process is over.

Your privacy is incredibly important to us. We will explicitly ask for your consent to take these pictures before you start the assessment. Read this article to learn how we deal with this in terms of privacy and GDPR.

Read here how to enable your camera and microphone on your device / operating system.