Why should I rate custom questions?

Rating custom questions helps you keep track of your personal impressions of each candidate.

Our custom questions rating system allows you to streamline your screening process, prevent memory bias, and collaborate with colleagues efficiently.

There are two levels of custom question response ratings:

  1. Custom questions overall rating
  2. Ratings of each individual answer to custom questions

The best way to start is by rating the individual answers first. Then, you can provide an overall rating based on an average of the individual ratings.

1. Overall rating

The custom questions overall rating is done by you, based on your personal evaluation of a candidate's responses to your custom questions as a whole.

We highly recommend that you use this rating, as it enables you to quickly and effectively compare candidates on a more subjective level.

For even more detailed references, you can record impressions of a candidate in the "Notes" box.

Prevent memory bias by rating custom question responses! Human memory can be flawed and might tell you the first or most recent candidate is the best one. Custom question response ratings help prevent this.

2. Individual answers

When you look down on a candidate's results page, you'll see his or her individual answers to your custom questions. By clicking the icon in the "View answer" column, you'll be able to view the answer for each question, including video responses and file uploads. You can also rate each individual answer here.