Why should I indicate who I've hired?

By indicating who you've hired, you'll help finalize the assessment and improve future test recommendations.

Save a complete picture for later

If you're hiring for a similar position in the future, it's helpful to be able to quickly check which candidates you hired in prior assessments. Humans tend to forget a lot, and having a quick way to reference your past hires can be handy.

Learn which tests are the best predictors of job success

We work with our users to continuously improve the accuracy of the tests in our test library. When you indicate which candidates you've hired, you'll help us determine which tests match your hiring needs for future assessments.

Here's how it works:

  1. We only need to know who you hired (using the "Hired" stage) and how the hired candidate is performing. We'll check back three months after the candidate is hired to ask for your feedback.
  2. This then enables us to match the test results to the actual job performance of the candidate.
  3. The more users that participate, the better we can calculate the accuracy of a test. This enables us to continuously recommend you the best tests. Better tests with better predictions mean even better hires for you!